New York’s eleventh annual Tribeca Film Festival kicked off on April 17th, promising films by a host of local and international filmmaking talent between now and the 28th. Although tickets are necessary for the festival’s screenings, Tribeca champions its Rush Tickets policy, ensuring that you will never have to encounter the dreaded words “Sold Out” (so long as you leave time to beat the crowd). New York’s theaters are going to be chock full of festival fare in the upcoming week. One film to look out for is Sunlight Jr., which premiers this Saturday at BMC Tribeca PAC at 6:00. The Laurie Collyer-directed film follows a pair of have-nots in the wake of social problems such as financial instability and unplanned pregnancy. Sunlight Jr. promises strong performances from Naomi Watts and Matt Dillion, not to mention a score composed by gnarly guitar slinger J Mascis.

Tribeca will also be offering more light-hearted fare. In the tradition of Heathers and Mean Girls before it, Darren Stein’s G.B.F. is a tale of the snarky (and often treacherous) battle for High School popularity, this time with a twist; Stein puts his accidentally-outed protagonist front and center as a clique of popular girls try to enlist him as their latest accessory. The film includes cameos by Megan Mullally, Natasha Lyonne, and others. Sounds fetch to me. You can catch G.B.F. this Friday at 6:00 at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea or Sunday at 11:30 AMĀ  at AMC Loews Village.

Speaking of teenagers, this weekend sees the premier of Matt Wolf’s film on teen culture. His documentary, aptly titled Teenage, is a meditation on the emergence of youth culture through the mid-20th century. Wolf’s film blends archival footage, diaries of mid-century teenagers, a contemporary post-punk soundtrack, and a score penned by Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox. Teenage is premiering (somewhat appropriately) on 4/20 at 9:00 at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea.