When discussing theaters I often start with the first thing a visitor sees— the concessions. But there are none to be found at Spectacle. If you can even find Spectacle. The entrance seems to lead into an apartment building, particularly unnerving if and when you show up to an unexplored part of Williamsburg for a midnight screening of a movie you’ve never heard of. And then you walk in to the theater.

It’s pretty simple. 30 seats, all folding chairs, bare light bulbs and peeling paint. Movies projected off a Macbook. Now you know what you’re getting into, but, truth be told, you’d enjoy it more if you didn’t. It’s uncomfortable and the picture quality is nothing to brag about, so it loses on many of my standard criteria for theater evaluations. And some of the clientele is disconcerting (at least for the midnight showings).

You would think you couldn’t put a price on adventure (or the closest thing to it for people who spend their lives hustling from one dimly lit screening room to another), but it’s five dollars. Just five, and they can’t screw you on the concessions. It’d be worth five dollars just for the trailers.

Last month’s series include “Bandido’s Gold: Unearthed Spaghetti Western Treasures,” and “Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie.” Ongoing series: “Women Make Movies,” and “Ephemera.” They just announced what will be showing in October (“Capitalist Vampires and Kinky Witches”) and I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation. So get on the L, and go—it is a sight worth seeing.