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Claire's Knee

Claire’s Knee

A film like Claire’s Knee is not merely a circus of irony, a spectacle of negative energy: clearly one must take some sort of base enjoyment in the lengthy, digressive musings of Rohmer’s characters that is not reducible to scoffing at their myopia.
NYFF 2015: In the Shadow of Women

NYFF 2015: In the Shadow of Women

With each narrative reveal, one gets the creeping sense that Pierre, too, by virtue of his very infidelity, his childish behavior, his destructive impulses, lives in the shadow of the woman he’s betraying.
NYFF 2015: De Palma, "De Palma," and Baumbach

NYFF 2015: De Palma, “De Palma,” and Baumbach

Much as De Palma is at his most original and his most political when he “does” Hitchcock, Baumbach is at his proudest, his most creative, and his most ambitious when he points the camera at his subject and listens.
Summer Views: Matthew Rivera

Summer Views: Matthew Rivera

For Rohmer, himself a cinephile of the most avid variety, summer is not a time of planned activity so much as planned inactivity that, in turn, allows for only the most passive of vacations.

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