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Double Exposure Contributor's Top Ten of 2016

Double Exposure Contributor’s Top Ten of 2016

As is traditional, the staff of Double Exposure collected and ranked the Top Ten lists of our contributors' favorite films released in the US from the past year. As is also traditional, we got our acts together just in time to release it before Spring Break.


The film's border setting acts as a suitable metaphor: the War on Drugs transgresses boundaries not only physical but also moral, and the audience feels the weight of these transgressions with every passing minute.
Summer Views: David Quintas

Summer Views: David Quintas

Accordingly, I noted how she used idiosyncrasies to convey her character’s emotional state and something larger about her role in the company. Without her performance being singled out, I would have missed such subtleties.
Double Exposure 2014 Year End Contributor's Poll

Double Exposure 2014 Year End Contributor’s Poll

The results of Double Exposure's 2014 Year End Contributor's Poll! Plus contributors on the films for which they were the lone booster.


When he was a teenager, Charlie “Yardbird” Parker got a chance to play with Jo Jones, drummer for Count Basie’s Orchestra. Midway through the performance, Parker lost the beat, Jones threw a cymbal at him, and the crowd laughed him off the stage. Legend has it that Parker muttered “I’ll be back” as he exited...

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