Looking for something to watch online? Noel Gutierrez-Morfin recommends Bong Joon-Ho’s The Host.


After an American scientist orders his underling to dump formaldehyde down the lab drain, an amphibious monster is created and begins terrorizing Seoul, South Korea. A fantastic blend of hokey melodrama and heart-pounding anxiety, The Host is a sharp-as-fangs movie with one of the most memorable monsters in recent foreign cinema. It also doubles as a strong criticism of the United States, so much so that North Korean media actually loves the film. Whether you’re watching for the politics or you just want to see a monster terrorize some civilians, The Host is sure to satisfy even veteran horror fans. What sets The Host apart from most monster horrors, however, is the amount of heart it has, as a family comes together to save one of their own. Look out for Bae Doona’s performance as Park Nam-Joo, my favorite character from the movie, as her character’s involvement throughout the film is simply poetic. The film’s cinematography is extremely grey, dreary, and depressing, which does a fantastic job of creating not only an appropriate aesthetic for an area terrorized by a monster, but also a visual representation of the hopelessness and conviction that the characters come to face throughout the film. Bong Joon-Ho’s direction is simply masterful, solidifying his niche in foreign genre cinema. The film was the winner of the Best Film category at the 1st Asian Film Awards, and has received widespread acclaim from audiences across the globe.  The Host is available Instant on Netflix, under the “Horror” category.