Looking for something to rent on demand? Sinclair Target recommends Ruby Sparks, directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the duo behind Little Miss Sunshine.


Ruby Sparks is about a woman written into life by a lovelorn novelist. She is literally the ideal girlfriend—he can make her whatever he wants her to be. She doesn’t know that she isn’t real, and he doesn’t plan on telling her, but then again, how real is she? It’s an intriguing premise, and the endearing, engrossingly acted Ruby Sparks certainly delivers on its potential—mostly because the film doesn’t develop in the way you would expect. As a romantic comedy it does what it needs to do: it has its tender moments, it has its weepy moments, and it sure made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But just when you think you’ve got Ruby Sparks pegged, it starts to raise some pretty big questions about relationships, idealism, and morality. Without ruining too much of the film for you, I can tell you that it all builds to what is actually a rather unnerving climax, sure to stick with you for much longer than the usual race-to-the-airport fare. When Ruby (played by screenwriter Zoe Kazan herself) confronts her creator/boyfriend (Paul Dano), he tries hard to keep her just as he likes her, and Ruby Sparks clearly wonders if that is okay. Ruby Sparks is thus one of those rare romantic comedies with a soul—as fun as the film is, it still wants people to stop and think about the implications of its premise.

Ruby Sparks is available to rent on VOD platforms including Amazon and iTunes.