Looking for something to watch now that Frankenstorm’s cancelled class? The Double Exposure staff has got you covered. Here are five great storm movies.


The Ice Storm

In his 1997 film, Ang Lee paints a poignant picture of American malaise. As two dysfunctional families deal with the political and social tumult of the early 1970s, a literal and figurative ice storm descends upon their sleepy Connecticut suburb. The paralyzing chill of the characters is as palpable as the impending storm. –Julia Selinger


There may not be any storms at all in this movie—just waves, wind and darkness.  But the movie is a storm entirely unto itself. –David Beal

A Serious Man

Most of the Coen Brothers’ black comedy takes place under clear Minnesotan skies, but the final moments of the film dish out some unforgettable Old Testament weather. –Will Noah


The Coens aren’t the only ones who know how to get Biblical with third act storms. When it comes to heavy weather, take it from Aimee Mann: It’s not going to stop. –Will Noah

Le Tempestaire

A young woman watches the man she loves sail off their tiny, spray-tossed Britannic island – and into one of movie history’s great tropical storms. Her tearful visit to a mysterious psychic and “tempestaire” – “storm-tamer” – is the film’s narrative and spiritual core, but we remember above all the sight and sound of waves breaking in thick, portentous slow-motion on the shore. Epstein’s lens seeks out the ineffable and the supernatural in that which is most physical, most literal, and most present – like all great horror films, Le Tempestaire feels all too close, and too real. It moves like driftwood, but still stings. –Max Nelson