If you’ve decided to snub NYFF – because the tickets not only are more expensive than the Criterion Blu-Ray of Godard’s Breathless (which features a 7 hour interview in Technicolor with his favorite potted plant) but on top of that, they’re all sold-out – do not despair! Paul Chouchana recommends some rep films playing in NYC this weekend!


At midnight on Friday, Jaws and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are playing at IFC Center to satisfy your craving for animals much bigger than they actually are in real life. But don’t you worry; both films are also playing on Saturday night, so no need to make the cruel decision between the masterpiece that was voted 75th best film of all time in the Sight and Sound’s 2012 director’s poll and the junky adaptation based on the cartoon you watched as a kid but didn’t even like that much. If, however, you want to stick with Stevie and see dinosaurs the way they are meant to be seen, Jurassic Park is also playing on Friday and Saturday nights, at 11:40pm.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more existential but no less riveting – and didn’t manage to get tickets for Like Someone in Love – Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten is playing at the Museum of the Moving Image Saturday at 4. The film is divided into ten scenes, each representing a conversation between a female taxi driver in Tehran and a different passenger. Kiarostami gives us a wonderful insight to Iranian society and the role of women within it. By shooting the film with a digital camera attached to the car’s dashboard, the Iranian master also shows how little one needs to make a brilliant movie. Plus, how often do you get to eavesdrop (with subtitles) on a typical conversation in the streets of Tehran?

Finally, Sunday night is your chance to catch Japanese teenagers slaughtering each other on the big screen. Yes, I am talking about Battle Royale. It’s at 10pm, at the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg, which means you may have to fight for a spot with a bunch of bearded hipsters wearing colorful socks, who have heard that Kinji Fukasaku’s gory mess is Tarantino’s favorite film. If you haven’t seen it, take my word for it (or Tarantino’s): that spot is worth fighting for, Battle Royale style.