With midterms around, movie-going becomes a very stressful endeavor. For the happy few who decide to take the time to go watch a film, running time and proximity of theater are factors that weigh in a lot more than they normally do, sometimes even more than director or subject matter. With this in mind, these are a few films playing in the city (nearby) this weekend, hand-picked by Paul Chouchana.


Wake in Fright is playing at Film Forum starting Friday and for a week only, that is, until they decide to extend it. Ted Kotcheff’s film depicts the very eventful and highly disturbing journey of a man through the Autralian outback. I haven’t seen it, but Martin Scorsese loved it, which means… well, not so much, since Marty never ever disliked a movie. If you need an extra incentive, consider the fact that you can read at least 15 pages of the Bible while riding the 1 all the way down to Houston Street

From the country that brought you masterpieces such as The Iliad, The Republic, and more recently, The Collapse of the European Union, comes The New York City Greek Film Festival! The 6th edition starts this Saturday, four films are playing this weekend: Two Men and a Baby, God Loves Caviar, Christmas Tango and Wasted Youth. It’s at the Museum of the Moving Image, which I know is really far, but for its remaining 8 days, the Festival will be hosted by lots of different theaters throughout the city.

Finally, Rod Ashner’s extremely funny and extremely fascinating documentary about symbolism in The Shining, Room 237,plays this Monday at 9pm at Lincoln Center. I realize it is on a Monday, but it is the last chance for Kubrick aficionados to be completely mind-blown by all the different theories the interviewees put forth before the film comes out in New York, which could take anywhere from 6 months to 237 years.