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Issue 01, Volume 02


by Max Nelson

It’s a miracle cinema exists. It had to be invented. It’s an invention. No other art is an invention. It needs machines – well, it needed machines. Now it needs computers. Basically it needs motors. In English you say “engine rolling” before “action.” In French, you say “moteur.”

I felt very relieved when I was sixteen to discover cinema. To discover there was a land, a place, I call it an island, from where you could see life, and death. From another perspective, another angle, from many different angles. I think every young person should be interested in that island. It’s a beautiful place.

I like cinema. I don’t like cinephilia. I don’t care so much about film. I care about cinema – in terms of a place, this place, where you can see. So although I haven’t made many films, and I can’t consider myself a filmmaker, I believe – and I hope it’s not arrogant – that I live on this island.

It’s good living there.

- Leos Carax, interviewed October 11, 2012


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