We’re proud to announce the launch of our Spring 2014 issue: one of the biggest and best things we’ve done. The issue kicks off with our first-ever personal essay: Michael Blair’s account of a summer trip to Galway made under the sign of Rossellini’s Voyage to Italy. Olivia Domba and Thuto Durkac Somo are responsible for two other DE milestones: our first pieces on, respectively, a video artist (Laure Prouvost) and a website (the virtual-reality clubland of Last Nights Party).

Also in this issue: Will Noah surveys the soju-soaked career of Hong Sang-Soo, one of the most prolific and essential filmmakers working today; Alex Robertson reflects on space, objects and presence in a trio of films by Claire Denis, Lino Brocka and Tsai Ming-Liang; Alexander Tsebelis dismantles the new film from François Ozon, France’s leading cinematic impresario; Maya Rosmarin considers the many-pronged pat David Lynch’s career has taken since his last feature; Max Nelson takes a look at the short films of Mati Diop; and Eric Ingram gives a challenging, provocative reading of Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing. Capping it off is an extended reflection by Jackson Arn on the future and past of the special-effects film, from Gravity to The Wizard of Oz.

Click on the cover below to start reading—and drop us a line at doubleexposurejournal@gmail.com if you’d like a print copy.

Issue 7 Front cover jpeg export version