Double Exposure’s fifth issue, our first to appear in print, is now available around Columbia’s campus! Look for it in Dodge, Lerner, and Butler lounge. It will be appearing online soon as well, with an exclusive essay on the history of commercials by Nick Lieberman. The table of contents for the print editions is as follows:


Rooms That Remember Us: The Cinematic Architecture of Haunting -Gus Reed

13 Ways of Looking at Bill Murray -Jackson Arn

Letting Go of Terrence Malick: On Beauty and To the Wonder -Blair McClendon

Reigns of Terror -Olivia Domba

“Throw Away the Camera:” A One-Question Interview with Peter Greenaway -Shelley Farmer

Protesting the Future: Cinema and the Novel in the Alienated Age -Will Noah

Ulrich Seidl and the Art of Schadenfreude -Joseph Pomp

Killing Time: Brief Encounters with the Pastoral Hangout Film -Max Nelson

Take Me Back to Baltimore -Photos by Richard Lenz, Essay by David Beal


Computer Chess -Joseph Pomp

Room 237 -Shane Cummerford

Anton’s Right Here -Max Nelson

People’s Park -David Beal

The Unspeakable Act -Maya Rosmarin

Upstream Color -Will Noah